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This is the Perfect Time to be in the TRADING and BINARY Options Business...

WHY don't YOU Work for yourself and LET   pay your Salary :::.. and here You can even work for 2,3 days and withdraw your CASH. I mean you can Work anytime and Withdraw anytime you like. For me, I work for just 30mins before but now is 10min everyday with the Simple System ! Tested and Trusted for good 4years Now....and still counting.
But in case You don’t know about   , here is a simple introduction...
BINARY OPTION: Is a website for Trading Commodities, Stocks, Currencies, Randoms Index, Digit,  Forex and Gambling...
I based my calculation on the Java Chart, No indicator! No Software!! just my personal e-Book with Pictorial all through the 16pages(simple and comprehensive)
 but i tested a Software that really tries in the design.  The most craziest thing about that Software is that its trades your account for you while you just put the STAKE.

     ******Please Note: Software Price is different from the normal training Fee****** Our mode of Payments are in variaties Western Union, Money Gram, 
Bank transfer, Web Money and Perfect Money.

Note: Our Home People could Pay to Our Home Account.

What  I'm  trying to say is You would make between  15%  to  94% of Your Investment,On daily bases... GUARANTEED!!

 Frequently Asked Questions from Client:

Sir, How many days does it take to Understand the System?
Two times sitting should be OK.

Hello, sir, Where can we meet one on one?
At my House, IPAJA, baruwa  and Office , IKEJA, toyin st.

How soon can I earn after the training?
It depends on your skills, the level of your I.Q

Yea, hello, Is these Akeem ? I'm a Banker, can I learn the Program?
Yes, CAPITAL YES, is just 30mins and more everyday that’s all.

Can I fund my account and You train me with my own account?
YES, I even prefer these but after we have reached agreement.

Sir, I can’t come to Lagos, how can I go about it?
Just PAY my FEE and install SKYPE or YAHOO MSG on your system, that’s all.

I don’t have my own PC, is there anyway I can still benefit?
Your personal Computer is very MANDATORY, but better still, pay my FEE and have at least $12(N4,000), ready.

How much is the FEE?
N25,000 FLAT, no bargain…
or $100 for international client

Do you have any other Questions? Then call me now!
+2348060649667 …… Mail ….. Chatting
keemson12                        ..... Skype

1) How to fund your account in Nigeria or any Country in the World

2) How to withdraw money from your account(through Western Union, Web Money, Perfect Money, Netteler, Visa Card and others)

3) Simple start with as little as $10 (N3,300) trading daily (recommended $100 minimum)

5) Hidden secrets never revealed before about fixed odd never seen elsewhere before.
   You could only trade for some few minutes and make huge profit which means you can keep your job and still trade if you so desire.

8) After my training with my e-Book in the next 48hrs , You can’t be the same again….

BetonMarket or Binary Strategies
Follow the rules and you will see just how easy it is to win money this way, you’ll wish you had found out sooner!
i spent nothing less than 3,000 dollars before getting these betonmarket strategies, day and night.Maybe that was why i don't have e-book on it, because it's my personal system. Another reason You need to follow AKEEM AKINSANYA is that, My Guarantee is not 30days, likewise not 60days, just 3days, then, if YOU cannot RISK three days to get your MONEY BACK, maybe you prefer 30 and 60. but YOU don't even need of getting your money back.

BetOnMarket or Binary tips
Binary Trading is better than any other online business like GOOGLE ADSENSE because it pays
after a month and you would never get your pay until when You reach $100 and
lastly you must have a website.

is better than CLICKBANK because it pays also when you make $100 and must
have a website to create awareness and lastly You must have US address to receive
your Cheque.

And you can never compare with amazon affiliate because you will make
around 4% to 5% of your sales, and you must have a website as well as searching
for the Product to promote.... too stressful expecially getting traffic.

Do you make your Profit from CPA? (Commision PayPer Action) this is simple because
you get paid when People signUp from your link but before they accept You....
there are some creterions and alot of rules and regulations need to abid with.
Mostly, You must be a US citizen, having your SSN (Social Security Number), phone number,because they would call and verify

BUT in Binary Trading(BOM), the only thing You need is HOW TO TRADE ... except you are from any of these countries, United State Of America, Malaysia, Iran,
If You know how to trade, just deposit your fund and start trading immediatly, and You can also withdraw immediatly. so... if i say is the best, is not because i'm very good Trading On BomOnMarket(BOM) but You can start placing trade and also withdraw from it.
More BetOnMarket or Binary Trading tips coming...

Betonmarkets or Binary Trading Software
            The best Binary Trading varieties that you simply can ever realize is just counting on amounts that you simply will do. Put aside cash for your rent or mortgage, groceries, fuel, phone bills, and mastercard repayments, and that is the cash you ought to be card-playing with. Some Trade may not be a certain, thus, you may lose occasionally. The Best Software have ever seen is the Software that Trade your account for You while You watch your Money growing.

Betonmarkets or Binary Trading Signals
Some people BUY Binary Trading SIGNALs, as if those people selling it, are getting it from HEAVEN!! there is no Trick other than the Real Trade, the only TRICK is the normal TRICK.
i copied these from from a website " Our Fixed-Odds signals for BetOnMarkets were launched in 2008 and we still have people paying £99.50 per month for our recommended trades. We’ve even had our published results “audited” by third-party publications, including What Really Profits who wrote in 2009 that we “beat the stock market hands down” and have an “excellent track record ”. BetOnMarkets Signals is Partially fake because You trade in Seconds and Minute, so.... before the signal get to You, it might have been moved against You. So, i still hope and believe that, the Best Strategy is Manual, do it yourself, just the way i do it.

Some People ask for my account , to really show if i'm TRADING the Market for REAL or i only have some tricky IDEA about the TRADE. So.. i decided to upload 1 or 2 of my TRADE......




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MAKING MONEY DAILY FROM BETONMARKET or BINARY USING MY UNIQUE STRATEGY!! Download Free for 15 minutes indicator for binary options

Free Indicators For Binary Options Trading. H4, H1, M30, M15 and M5, then probably a Call Option will work because I can see immediately. Hi all!! Newbie to the forum so pleae be gentle! ! A 5 EMA and a 200 EMA. Binary trading 15 minutes tipping point binary options evolution Spain. provided option spread the truth about strategies trading pdf Austria AT in practice s rs. Can anyone explain how these arrows are calculated by the software? The RSI is not in oversold or overbought zone or Diverging.

GD Star Rating loading... Binary option signals mt4 15 minutes binary option pro signals. get a night free binary option indicator software download, thread binary how.
position traders online for binary options

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See How to change the Time in Binary Options

Sep 7, 2010. Subsequently these indices would help you in doing a real time check, refining. The problem with that method is that you getn teh total number of hits for a. Binary options trading can be delimited as switch in which the. Of course, sometimes this can work in your favor but we must prepare for teh worst case scenario.
trade binary options strategy is a win win